One of the most important aspects of saddle care is the care of the Billets. We must be very diligent in caring for them.

As these are used not only to secure the saddle to the horse, it is also the most important aspect when it comes to rider safety and security.

Thus paying attention to the condition of and the correct maintenance of your billets cannot be stressed enough.

On a daily basis, you should:

Inspect the condition of your billets for;

  1. Stretching
  2. Worn, stretched (they will become very thin) or torn billet holes
  3. Cracks

If your billets show any signs of the above ask your saddle fitter. If you have any doubt, have the billets replaced.

As for care, by far the best way to maintain your billets is to use water and a little saddle soap.  Conditioners of any kind will lead to stretching and ultimately failure of the billets.

If you have a saddle where the billets transition through the flap (such as our monoflap saddles), try to minimize the amount of conditioner you use on the flaps as the conditioner will seep through the flap and onto the billets.

With this type of billet arrangement in the rear billet of the monoflaps, it is necessary to pull the billet straps out (where possible) to inspect the billet for stretching.

If you are not sure, ask your N2 Certified Saddle Fitter.

And on a last note, if one of the billets has failed any of the tests listed above, as a matter of precaution, replace all 4 (or all 6 if a jump saddle) billets.