N2 Saddles: Needs of the Horse – Needs of the Rider

N2 Saddlery understands that fit usually involves an ongoing relationship. Horses change and develop, requiring adjustments and maintenance to saddles. As dressage riders ourselves, we are passionate about our service and understand the importance of proper saddle fit.

  • We assess your horse’s conformation to determine which saddles/tree shape will best suit your horse.
  • We put you in the saddle to ride so that we can
    evaluate what will work best for you and your horse.
  • Different saddle models are offered with variations that meet the needs of you and your horse.
  • Our proven methods mean a better fit for you and your horse.
  • Quality follow up and maintenance ensures long-term comfort.

Design the Saddle of Your Dreams

When you are ready to experience the difference an N2 saddle can make for you and your horse, we invite you to schedule a riding consultation. We can help you determine the right model for you and your horse and help you design the saddle of your dreams. Call or email us to schedule your riding consultation today.

Design Example:

A decadent chocolate brown Cardhu model featuring the finest European leather with an inviting grippy soft hide seat and thigh block, accented with whiskey mock croc patent leather, amber Swarovski crystals and gold piping. This is just one of the thousands of stunning design combinations to make your saddle an expression of you. And of course every N2 Saddle is built to allow the horse to freely use their topline and shoulder, while seating the rider in the ideal position to use their aids effectively.


“N2 saddles are the absolute best for all my horses. I have been riding in N2 saddles since the company was formed and love how they fit my horses and give them the confidence to move freely. N2 saddles enhance my ability to ride by putting me in a great position to use my aids effectively.”





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