The Official Dressage Saddle of the US Equestrian Federation

N2 Saddlery is a natural fit for the Official Saddle of the United States Dressage Team and the US Equestrian Federation (USEF). N2 Saddlery’s founder, Sue Newell combined her experience as a FEI-level dressage rider with her expertise as a Master Saddle Fitter to design a new breed of saddle that would serve the needs of both the horse and the rider. N2 saddles allow the horse to perform freely and comfortably while positioning the rider to effectively communicate with the horse. Each N2 saddle is custom-fitted to both the horse and the rider. Our saddles are crafted from the finest European-sourced materials by our Certified Master Saddlers in the United Kingdom. Our uncompromising quality and attention to detail is what makes N2 saddles the choice of top trainers, successful competitors, dedicated adult amateurs and an official partner with the United States Equestrian Federation.


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“For me, N2 saddles stand for perfection and elegance. They are not only beautiful, but they provide great comfort for me as a rider and give my horses the comfort and freedom to perform at their best.”





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