About N2

Sue Newell holding a saddle in front of N2 trailer

Sue Newell

Founder and Managing Director

Sue has ridden horses from an early age. She started out riding Hunters and Jumpers and showed on the A circuit throughout the Central and Western United States. After university, Sue became a CPA and took up Dressage. In 2004, she started her own dressage training business. In 2009, a major saddle company asked her to become a professional saddle fitter. She took up the challenge and immersed herself in learning the trade of saddle fitter, maker, doing repairs, and becoming a Master Saddle Fitter through the Society of Master Saddlers in England.


As a competitive FEI Level dressage rider, Sue is personally aware of how important a proper fitting saddle is for both the horse and the rider.

Proper fit

“Nothing brings me more pleasure than to see the immediate and positive effect of a proper fit. Knowing that I can help both horse and rider achieve better harmony and performance is a great and fulfilling feeling.”


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Comfort for the horse and the rider

When we design an N2 Saddle, we emphasize the comfort of the horse and how each saddle will feel unique to the horse. This, in turn relates to the rider’s comfort. We believe what is best for the horse is paramount, coupled with the comfort of horse and rider, and we blend the two. We know if the saddle is not good for the rider, it will not be good for the horse, and vice versa; it must work both ways. We know how to create that marriage of the correct saddle for both horse and rider.

Our Leather

All N2 Saddles are made with the highest quality of leather available in Europe and the UK. Our riders rave about how there is minimal to no break in period and how comfortable our saddles are to ride in. They especially comment consistently on how soft the seats are because our seats have extra foam. Of course, we can accommodate requests for most types and colors of leather; just check with your N2 Saddlery fitter.

“The N2 saddle is incredibly comfortable for me and my horses. It sits me in a really nice position to ride comfortably and effectively. Best of all, my horses are so comfortable in these saddles and the N2 service is awesome.”





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