Saddle Fitting

Close up of the Vincitore saddle plate


This service is designed to help you choose the saddle that is best for you and your horse, based on our assessment. We choose several saddle models we feel are appropriate, and we provide you with the opportunity to ride in these various saddle models and sizes. We offer our advice and guidance on the different models and saddles that we feel are best suited. We guide you through this process, and you evaluate for yourself, with our help, how each saddle performs. Our objective is to ensure that you have the right saddle to helps you and your horse reach your goals.

N2 Saddlery understands that fit usually involves an ongoing relationship. Horses change and grow, requiring adjustments and maintenance to saddles. In fact, we’re so passionate about our service that our saddles are sold where our Certified Professional Fitters are able to make routine visits to you and your horse. And, as dressage riders ourselves, we understand the importance of proper saddle fit.

  • Different saddle models are offered with variations that meet the needs of you and your horse.
  • We assess your horse’s conformation to determine which saddles/tree shape will best suit your horse.
  • We put you in the saddle to ride so that we can evaluate what will work best for you and your horse.
  • Our proven methods mean a better fit for you and your horse sooner.
  • Quality follow up and maintenance ensures long-term comfort.

“I love my N2 saddles. My horses are happier also. My N2 saddle was truly a game changer when I competed at the Pan Am Games. The N2 team is skilled at finding the right saddle for the horse and rider.”





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