“After the first month of riding in N2 saddles I suddenly had no more back pain and I was much more relaxed in my hips and seat bones. I also noticed that my horses started to move better. The N2 saddle really sits you in the right place and has given me confidence in my position.”

Kelly Layne

“The N2 saddle is incredibly comfortable for me and my horses. It sits me in a really nice position to ride comfortably and effectively. Best of all, my horses are so comfortable in these saddles and the N2 service is awesome.”

Susie Dutta

“N2 saddles are the absolute best for all my horses. I have been riding in N2 saddles since the company was formed and love how they fit my horses and give them the confidence to move freely. N2 saddles enhance my ability to ride by putting me in a great position to use my aids effectively.”

Sarah Lockman

“I love my N2 saddles. My horses are happier also. My N2 saddle was truly a game changer when I competed at the Pan Am Games. The N2 team is skilled at finding the right saddle for the horse and rider.“

Jennifer Baumert

“For me, N2 saddles stand for perfection and elegance. They are not only beautiful, but they provide great comfort for me as a rider and give my horses the comfort and freedom to perform at their best.”

Tom Franckx

“I love the N2 saddles. They give me and my horse really good support so we can both move freely. I love the craftsmanship and the quality of the saddles. The N2 team is very knowledgeable and I know I am in excellent hands.”

Sabine Schut-Kery

“I have loved N2 saddles since the very first ride. I fell in love with the close contact, its deep secure seat, and the freedom of shoulder that the saddles give to all my horses. I have had great success riding in N2 saddles.”

Adrienne Lyle