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N2 Team

Sue Newell

Founder and Managing Director

Sue has ridden horses all of her life. She started out riding Hunters and Jumpers and showed on the A circuit throughout the Central and Western United States. After college, Sue became a CPA and took up Dressage. In 2004, she started her own dressage training business. In 2009, a major saddle company asked her to become a professional saddle fitter. She took up the challenge and immersed herself in learning the trade of saddle fitter, maker and repairs and becoming a Qualified Saddle fitter through the Society of Master Saddlers in England.

As a competitive FEI Level dressage rider, Sue is personally aware of the importance of a proper fitting saddle for both the horse and the rider.

"Nothing brings me more pleasure than to see the immediate and positive effect of a proper fit. Knowing that I can help both horse and rider achieve better harmony and performance is a great and fulfilling feeling."

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