The Cardhu, a true monoflap Dressage Saddle, was designed to provide more room in the horse’s trapezius area, around the wither at the base of the wither while allowing maximum shoulder freedom and comfort.

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Product Details

The Cardhu, a true monoflap, accommodates a variety of horses. It has a higher head, a deep seat with a higher cantle, and contains a larger panel area for the horse’s comfort. Our riders tell us the deep seat is very comfortable because it is very soft and gives them a very secure feeling in the saddle.

The Cardhu comes in 2 models:

Cardhu Euro Flap – has a more forward flap with an angled contoured knee roll. It allows a bit more room for the knee and thigh. It accommodates a variety of riders and riding styles.

Cardhu Classical Flap – has a straight cut flap with a knee roll that has very little contour in it. It works for the rider who rides with a very straight leg in the saddle.

The Cardhu is available in all the combinations of N2 Leathers and colors to make your saddle unique and an expression of you.




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