By Terry Zambrana


Regular maintenance is the key to continued success with your N2 saddle. Many riders may not be aware of the many changes that take place in their horse’s body throughout their development. From the gangly three or four year old, to the adult horse, and then our mature partners of later years, your saddle must change, and be adjusted with all of these stages of development.

Throughout all of the three major stages of your horse’s working life, a correctly fitted saddle is of the utmost importance for the continued advancement of the horse and rider. The rider also develops in their ability, and the saddle that worked years earlier might not be providing the best support needed for advancement.  The saddle must work equally well for both parties for the communication between horse and rider to function at its optimum level. Your N2 Saddlery representative is trained to guide you through the important choices that will make a difference.

Throughout the years of working with many horses and riders, I have noticed that the riders that have regular maintenance performed on their saddles have very few problems. Just as you would not wait for “the check engine light” to come on in your car to change the oil, regular checkups with your saddle should be part of your regular routine. Every six months is the recommended amount of time for most riders, however certain circumstances may dictate sooner. Some of these situations could be a horse coming back into work after a lay-up, a change in a feeding program that results in a weight gain, or loss, or an increased work program in preparation for an important event or show. If in doubt, check with your N2 representative.

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