Certainly this is a commonly asked question. The simplest answer: to create a knowledgeable and confident client. The way to do this is through education. Your N2 fitter has had the formal training and years of experience in the field to impart the information that allows the educated consumer to differentiate between a saddle that works, and one that doesn’t. Our goal as an N2 fitter is for riders to feel that “the cavalry has arrived” when the blue and yellow van pulls into their barn.  Education empowers the rider to be a better advocate for their horse. The rider-trainer is the horse’s only voice. We need to listen. This is where the rider understanding the value of a well-fitted, wool-flocked saddle is invaluable.

Your N2 representative has the experience to turn a standard fit saddle into a individualized item that is specific to the nuances of your horse with the correct sculpting of the wool. Custom sculpted wool flocked saddles have stood the test of time. Wool is immensely comfortable on the horse’s back. It disperses the rider’s weight over a broader surface area. Wool most easily conforms to the polymorphous shape of the horse’s back. Foam fill will never compare to wool’s ability to be easily adjusted to compensate for a horse’s back asymmetry. Wool also provides the most stable support for the rider’s weight.

Everyone would agree that a happy horse and rider is the ultimate goal of successful saddle fit. Your saddle is a major link in the horse-rider communication chain. It needs to be the best that it can possibly be. It is the goal of your N2 representative to make that happen.

We are here to help, and always glad to hear from our clients, riders, and friends. I look forward to hearing from you! My contact information is
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