Each of our independent saddle fitters have gone through an extensive training program. They are trained by fitters who have been fitting saddles for over a decade and who are members of the society and hold the Qualified Saddle Fitters Certificate from the Society of Master Saddlers in the United Kingdom.

N2 Saddlery currently serves the continental US, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Japan and South Korea. Visit our contact page for a fitter in your area. You may also email directly or call 760-960-0227.

Sue Newell, Founder and Managing Director

Florida, Arizona, Belgium and Germany

As a competitive FEI Level dressage rider, Sue is personally aware of the importance of a proper fitting saddle for both the horse and the rider. Sue is available for saddle fittings located in Arizona and Florida. She in Europe (Belgium and Germany) as well and helps with training the new fitters for certification. Sue is a Qualified Saddle Fitter through the Society of Master Saddlers UK in addition to being the inspiration and founder of N2 Saddlery.

Contact Sue Newell, Founder and Managing Director: 760-960-0227 Email Schedule

Terry Zambrana

Southern California

Terry comes to N2 with over 20 years of working with different saddle companies and in the horse industry. She is very passionate about making sure the horse and rider are comfortable and happy. She has gone through many saddle fitting programs and worked with a number of master saddlers as well in addition to being a Certified N2 Saddlery Fitter.

Contact Terry Zambrana: 323-679-3840 Email Schedule

Graham Newell

Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Nebraska, Northern California, Idaho

Spending a majority of his time on the working to serve clients, Graham covers the states listed above. Graham is a Master Saddle Fitter through the Society of Master Saddlers UK.

Contact Graham Newell: 970-712-7680 Email Schedule

JD Boulware, Co-Owner


JD has been on the N2 Team since 2016. He relocated to Florida to work out of the Florida office. He is a master saddle fitter and does both fitting and repairs.

Contact JD Boulware, Co-Owner: Email Schedule

Cherie Defusco

North East

I started riding at 5 when my father caught me hopping the neighbor’s fence and taking their horses for a ride. I started successfully showed in the hunters most of my teen years. As an adult I got back into riding dressage after college. I love the journey of starting a young horse. I love to see their movements and see what makes them relax and happy. I’m surrounded by friends who study Natural Horsemanship, Dressage, Eventing, and H/J. Saddle fitting is a passion, that’s why I joined the N2 Saddle family. I also have a successful business, Rhode Island Equine PEMF, and I’m a part time Registered Nurse in Boston. I have 4 horses of my own, Velvet, Khaleesi, Masquerade K, and Nemo, and 2 Bulldogs Henry and Otis.

Contact Cherie Defusco: Email Schedule

Val Geist


With over 25 years experience riding, training and competing Dressage horses through the FEI levels, along with a certification in Equine Massage Therapy, Val Geist has an eye and feel for balance and comfort in the horse, and the correct position of the rider. She is the owner of the Whileaway Ranch in Park City, Utah, a full service boutique Dressage Training Facility with Saddlery headquarters.

Contact Val Geist: Email Schedule

Eon Jin Chin

South Korea

Eon Jin “EJ” as we like to call him, owns J-Tack KOREA and is the sole supplier of N2 Saddles in South Korea. EJ is a dressage rider and dressage judge. He has trained and competed in dressage both in South Korea and Europe up to the small tour level. He is also certified to judge up to the small tour in dressage in South Korea. He has an excellent knowledge of saddle fitting and believes in the importance of a correct fitting saddle for both horse and rider.

Contact Eon Jin Chin: +82 10 2795 8427 Email Schedule

Shiori Tsuchiaki


Shiori is a long time upper level dressage rider and Certified N2 Saddle Fitter. She has gone through our extensive training program and is the sole supplier of N2 Saddles in Japan. As a dressage rider, she understands the importance of the harmony of the horse and rider and how the saddle can affect that. Shiori has a lovely workshop in Japan and is a mobile saddle fitter, as well to do fittings on sight at your barn.

Contact Shiori Tsuchiaki: Email Schedule

Sarah MacKenzie

British Columbia, Canada

Sarah has been riding since before she could walk and has experience in many disciplines from 3-day Eventing to Dressage. After working in a competitive dressage barn for a number of years, and being introduced to N2 Saddles, Sarah became intrigued by the influence a saddle could have on a horse. She noticed how a properly fitted saddle can completely change a horses way of going as well as the riders ability to ride effectively and wanted to learn more. Sarah knew the only company she would want to represent was N2 Saddlery, so she contacted Sue Newell.
Sarah is a Certified N2 Saddle Fitter. Located in Langley, B.C.

Contact Sarah MacKenzie: Email Schedule