For your saddles made with quality leathers (such as…buffalo, memal, bison, calf), a good-quality conditioner should be used. Be sure to use one that made from less wax as these will leave a residue that collects dirt. We recommend Effax LederBalsam. Ensuring surface dirt such as sweat and dust have been wiped off with a damp cloth, the conditioner should be applied the whole of the saddle (excluding billet straps). This includes the top side, in between the flaps (if you don’t have a monoflap) and the panel including the underside of the panel. It is just as important to clean and condition the parts of the saddle that remain hidden as it is to do the parts that can be seen. One of the main reasons is that a good quality conditioner will make a water resistant barrier to the leather, thus making it harder for the leather to be affected by sweat.

When applying conditioner, it should always be applied after you ride and not before. If you use the N2 cleaner/conditioner package that includes the brush, then conditioner only needs to applied once the saddle starts to lose its tackiness in the seat. The remainder of the time the brush is used, which will lightly scrub the saddle as well as applying conditioner to the saddle.

Do not use saddle soap on your saddle. Period.

If you have questions regarding care and maintenance of your leather products, please refer to the N2 Saddle care guide or ask your N2 representative.