Nathan Matson will be going to Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, and the Greater Ontario area over the next few months. Chelsea Barrett is still working the Florida area and gearing up for the Global Dressage Festival season. Linda Poetics is making her rounds in Oregon and Washington. Catherine Overstreet is diligently working in Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas. In summary, if you need us, just drop a line since we’ll probably be in your area soon.

And for those planning ahead, the West Coast has a new series of CDI dressage shows starting the first week of January in Las Vegas. Check it out! For any of you wanting to escape winter weather, this is a great series to look into.

Don’t forget to have your saddle checked regularly on a six-month basis. Give the fitter in your area a call to set up an appointment today. If you don’t see your location, please contact us,