Karen Ball

Karen is a Grand Prix rider and has her USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medals. She also has coached NAJYRC riders with acclaimed multiple FEI medals, and coaches successful open and amateur riders through FEI levels. Lately, she is developing new successful award winning young horses year after year and coaching amateurs at all levels.

“N2 saddles are a CRUCIAL part of my security and development of my students, their horses, and always my young horses. For the last 5 years I have developed new and up coming prospects aging three to five years old. I only use my N2 saddle aboard these youngsters as it gives me stability and allows them to move with a free back and shoulder. I am amazed with the beauty and artistic work of the N2 saddles but most important to me as a rider and trainer is the functional success! So grateful to be part of the N2 team!”