Jane Arrasmith and Alison-Burt Jacobs

N2 Sponsored Rider, Jane Arrasmith can be found as Head Trainer, offering full dressage training and care at Iron Horse Ranch in Malibu. Iron Horse Ranch Dressage in Malibu also specializes in sales and boarding.

Jane is a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist and was also recognized as 2011 Trainer of the Year for DASC. She has represented Region 7 four times at the NAYRC. Jane has coached Amateurs and Juniors to many USDG, CDS and DASC Championships. Jane is an “L” Judge Graduate with Distinction.

“Thanks to N2 Saddlery and their very generous support, my horse Etoo and I are riding in an N2 “Primus” Buffalo Long Roll. I am so thrilled with this saddle. Being a short lady it sometimes is difficult to find a saddle that sits you deep enough for leverage but still allows you to get your leg on. Etoo has very large elastic gaits and my Primus allows me to sit right at the center of gravity to be my most influential. I have also found that Etoo’s back feels super. Sometimes horses with these gaits get a sore low back because of how hard they push and sit. This saddle has me in a place where I can keep his hind legs organized but give him room enough to stay loose. I am so grateful for my new Primus. Thank you Graham, Sue and N2 Saddlery.”