Allison Dechant

Allison is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist based out of Aspen, Colorado. She has many regional, national, and CDI placing and wins through Grand Prix, and continues to pursue her own education with the goal of one day representing the United States in international competition.

Allison is very particular about finding saddles for her horses that allow the horse to use their natural balance and abilities effortlessly.  Together with N2, Allison has found success time and time again in fitting “hard to fit” horses, watching their movement, balance and confidence blossom! The Vincitore is her personal preferred saddle, as it allows her to ride with a long relaxed leg that is supported but never feels “stuck” in position. Allison has found that both her students and some horses prefer other models of N2’s, and each one brings the best out of horse and rider.

Jodie Cressman riding her horse

“N2 is the first place I go to find the perfect match and custom fit for everyone in my barn!”