The Vantaggio is another “True” monoflap design integrating the flap into the panel to present a “one piece” panel flap configuration. The monoflap design reduces the amount of material between you and your horse. With the monoflap design, the saddle sits closer to your horse giving you a exact feel for your horse and allowing you to be much lighter and more precise with your aides. The deep K panel design along with the rounded pommel frees the shoulder and wither of the horse.

For the rider, the open, yet deep and comfortable seat sits you in perfect balance with your horse. The standard block helps to stabilize and quiet your leg by allowing you, once again, to be more consistent and precise with your aides.

The saddle is based on an anatomically correct wood sprung tree with rounded pommel and is excellent for flatter backed horses with low to medium wither.

The saddle comes with the standard N2 wide range of leather choices and colors allowing you to customize your saddle to your very own unique design.