The “Jeremy”

The “Jeremy” – designed in conjunction with Jeremy Steinberg and N2 Saddlery.

The “Jeremy,” is a very close contact dressage saddle that accommodates a variety of horses. It has a very secure seat with a well padded flap over a large ergonomically designed knee roll. Riders rave over the secure feeling and trainers love how nicely it positions the rider…and of course, the horses move well as it has an N2 designed tree and panels for optimum performance from the horse.

Here is what Jeremy Steinberg has to say about the saddle:

“I worked in conjunction with Sue and Graham Newell of N2 Saddlery on the creation of a new saddle model called The “Jeremy” that I am extremely proud to be a part of. The saddle itself is a beautiful combination of sleek, fit, and comfort. With it’s balanced seat, perfectly placed flap and knee role design, combined with it’s wide gullet and broad panels, The “Jeremy” is a comfortable fit for both horse and rider. I am an absolute perfectionist when it comes to seat and position and the new The “Jeremy” by N2 Saddlery is exactly that, perfection!!”