The Belvedere came into existence by pure accident. We had a client who was just having terrible problems with their jump saddle and they were so happy with our dressage saddle that they asked if I would make them one. I took a look at the many jump saddles they were trying out and noticed there just was not enough space on the sides of the horses withers and that all the saddles were just so very tight there because of the shape of the tree. We have had an overwhelming response to how good the horses go in this saddle that we finally put it into production full time. Our customers have been overjoyed and thrilled at how much better their horses move in it and how comfortable it is. We use the same principles of saddle fitting trying to give the horse much more room in the trapezius area, around the wither and at the base of the wither as we have done with all our saddles. This saddle can be fully customized to fit the clients needs as well as the horses.