Francesca Terry

I have to tell you, I got my N2 Primus, w/ short thigh blocks, back in Dec 2013. I hadn’t had a lot of time in it as my horse had an accident and was lame for most of 2014. Now we are Fall 2015; horse and I in training since Dec 2014.

Honestly, I cannot think of a more comfortable supportive saddle. My guy (17.3 H, BWP gelding, 9YO) is ridden by my trainer, often in a big western saddle as he does lots of trails to compliment his arena work and especially to reinforce a forward work ethic. He does hill work, uneven terrain, deep or harder terrain (within reason) to gain and keep fitness. Needless to say he is more forward, light and willing not only outside but inside the dressage arena.

When I ride him in my dressage lessons on the weekends, in my Primus, I can feel this movement instantly and thus be more precise with my aides. The saddle helps me stabilize my core without holding me in. It fits my horse perfectly and allows for freedom of movement.

A few weeks ago I did a 2 hour trail on him. He was extremely forward as he often is on trail. But my primus gave me a solid secure seat and allowed me to keep him “busy” by doing lateral work on the straight aways, and lots of stellar transitions. I could sit to his small ridiculous spooks without ever losing a stirrup. Even the steep uphills and down hills were secure and balanced thanks to the saddle. At one point, I was able to stop midway down a steep hill and back up a few steps while maintaining a solid seat.

Love this saddle and will have it forever!