I started out as a jumper rider but made the switch to dressage. I have been fortunate enough to be in Debbie McDonald and Adrienne Lyle’s working student program for over 3 years.  I currently compete at the Young Rider level on Bille Davidson’s, Black Diamond CL, a 13 year old KWPN gelding.

Black Diamond CL and I absolutely love our N2 Cardhu saddle. I have noticed that his back is extremely comfortable and his shoulders have increased mobility. I appreciate that the N2 saddle allows me to be an effective and soft rider without feeling restricted. N2 understands the impact that the fit of the saddle has on the performance and happiness of the horse.

Quinn Iverson

Excellent excellent excellent experience for both my horse and myself. What a beautiful saddle!

Ann Campbell

My experience was fantastic both Graham and Linda were so knowledgeable. My ridding days since have been awesome, no more fighting my ‘seat’ and ‘legs’. Thanks again!

Jayne Parsons

Our purchasing experience was incredible.  We ordered the saddles in mid-September and somehow the factory and team were able to turn around the two beautiful, custom saddles in four weeks.  We were SO impressed.  Thank you!!! Linda was wonderful to work with and we love both saddles.

Jennifer “Joey”

I know what I love most about them, and what my clients love most about the N2 saddles, is how comfortable they are! Comfortable and beautiful with quality and craftsmanship and details that can’t be beat. I have worked with Graham and Sue for nearly 7 years now, and they know exactly what I like and find me the right saddles to compliment my horses shape and way of going. They are always there if we need them.

Ashleigh Luca

I have to tell you, I got my N2 Primus, w/ short thigh blocks, back in Dec 2013. I hadn’t had a lot of time in it as my horse had an accident and was lame for most of 2014. Now we are Fall 2015; horse and I in training since Dec 2014.

Honestly, I cannot think of a more comfortable supportive saddle. My guy (17.3 H, BWP gelding, 9YO) is ridden by my trainer, often in a big western saddle as he does lots of trails to compliment his arena work and especially to reinforce a forward work ethic. He does hill work, uneven terrain, deep or harder terrain (within reason) to gain and keep fitness. Needless to say he is more forward, light and willing not only outside but inside the dressage arena.

When I ride him in my dressage lessons on the weekends, in my Primus, I can feel this movement instantly and thus be more precise with my aides. The saddle helps me stabilize my core without holding me in. It fits my horse perfectly and allows for freedom of movement.

A few weeks ago I did a 2 hour trail on him. He was extremely forward as he often is on trail. But my primus gave me a solid secure seat and allowed me to keep him “busy” by doing lateral work on the straight aways, and lots of stellar transitions. I could sit to his small ridiculous spooks without ever losing a stirrup. Even the steep uphills and down hills were secure and balanced thanks to the saddle. At one point, I was able to stop midway down a steep hill and back up a few steps while maintaining a solid seat.

Love this saddle and will have it forever!

Francesca Terry

“I recommend the N2 Saddles because it makes me and my horses feel comfortable. It makes my horses more free in their body and they position my seat perfectly. I am a big fan!”

Mark Van de Donk

“I like the saddles of N2 because they give me and my horses great comfort AND they look amazing!!! Dressage is for me perfection and that’s what the saddles of N2 stand for; PERFECTION and ELEGANCE !!!!”

Tom Franckx, Tom Franckx Dressage

I have been riding in the “Primus” saddle by N2 Saddlery since January 2014 and I am in love with my saddle! It is so comfortable and fits my horse and me perfectly. I have noticed a huge improvement in my seat and position and my horse is much happier and his overalls performance has improved significantly. I can’t thank Sue from N2 Saddlery enough for helping me find a saddle that I can proudly ride in, she went above and beyond to ensure the fit of my saddle to my horse. Her knowledge and attention to detail shows in her ability to match a saddle to a horse and rider.

Jessica Gill Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

Finally a perfect fit!!! My horse and I struggled for years with another brand. The fit was never right for me or my horse. This resulted in a horse who had become extremely sore in the shoulders and a constant frustration in my position. With my N2 Primus, I now have a happy, forward horse. It feels effortless to maintain my position and finally we are working together in harmony.  I can’t say enough about the customer service we have received. It truly feels that you not only purchase a saddle but also a support system! Thank you Sue and Graham!!

Tara Tesolin, Dressage Trainer, Rider, and Competitor Ontario, Canada