Sarah Lockman on her N2 Saddle


Each horse plus each rider plus each saddle adds up to a unique combination. We believe that you need to meet with your fitter to determine which saddle style will create an unsurpassed experience for you and your horse. To see, feel, and truly know what’s best for you both, the process of working with a fitter and then riding in a saddle is the best scenario. At N2 Saddlery, we have many years of experience with different horses and riders, so we keep an open mind when considering what will work.

Riding on the horse of a friend or trainer in their saddle, won’t give you the same experience you’ll have on your own horse. We strongly recommend that you and your fitter choose several saddle models for you to ride in, and on your horse, before making any saddle purchase decision. After trying several models and consulting with your fitter, you will be able to conclude which saddle is right for you and your horse.

Many riders want a “narrow twist” saddle model, and for good reason. Riders who physically have a narrow hip base find that this type of saddle is more comfortable. How the “twist” feels, though, varies from rider to rider due to:

(i) the placement of the hip angle in different saddles;

(ii) how the seat in the saddle tips the pelvis, based on the way the saddler has strung the seat; and

(iii) the shape of the tree. These, and other, variable factors need to be taken into consideration with each saddle.

This, however, creates a conflict in saddle design. It’s necessary to give the horse enough room in the trapezius area (at the base and around the wither), yet avoid pinching the horse there if the rails of the tree are too narrow in the “twist area.” We really try to encourage those riders to focus on how the horse feels and moves, in addition to how they feel in the saddle. Any one of our fitters will be happy to provide you with a more detailed explanation.

When we design an N2 Saddlery saddle, we emphasize the comfort of the horse and how each saddle will feel unique to the horse. This, in turn, relates to the rider’s comfort. We believe what is best for the horse is paramount, coupled with the comfort of horse and rider, and we try to blend the two. We know that if the saddle is not good for the rider, it will not be good for the horse, and vice versa; it must work both ways. We know how to create that marriage of the correct saddle for both horse and rider.

In general, all N2 Saddles are made with Buffalo leather, and the seats come with Makela leather, which is very durable roughed-out Buffalo top side grain leather. When new, the Makela leather looks like suede, but it’s not; and it becomes grippy when conditioned. Our riders rave about this leather and how wonderful it is to ride it. For an extremely comfortable ride, our seats have extra foam. Of course, we can accommodate requests for other types of leather; just check with your N2 Saddlery fitter.