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Sue Newell N2 Saddlery

Sue Newell

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Sue has ridden horses all of her life. She started out riding Hunters and Jumpers and showed on the A circuit throughout the Central and Western United States. After college, Sue became a CPA and took up Dressage. In 2004, she started her own dressage training business. In 2009, a major saddle company asked her to become a professional saddle fitter. She took up the challenge and immersed herself in learning the trade of saddle fitter, maker and repairs and becoming a Qualified Saddle fitter through the Society of Master Saddlers in England.

As a competitive FEI Level dressage rider, Sue is personally aware of the importance of a proper fitting saddle for both the horse and the rider.

"Nothing brings me more pleasure than to see the immediate and positive effect of a proper fit. Knowing that I can help both horse and rider achieve better harmony and performance is a great and fulfilling feeling."

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Graham Newell N2 Saddlery

Graham Newell

Co-Founder & Director of Sales

Graham rode horses as a kid in the British countryside. As a young adult he joined the British Army and over the following 25 years served as a senior engineer. He briefly rode with the British Household Cavalry. After the Army, he worked for Boeing in England as an engineer. After Graham met Sue, he resigned from Boeing and moved to the United States. They worked together in Sue’s Dressage training business and then together, embarked on the journey to becoming Professional Saddle Fitters and Qualified by the Society of Master Saddlers in England.

"I simply love horses! As a saddle fitter, I get to use all of my years as an engineer and my passion and knowledge of horses at the same time. Horses let you know straight away if the saddle works for them or not. In fact, they are usually more direct than their riders!"

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